Taylor Swift Is Reportedly Already Worried About Her Romance With Kelce

Taylor Swift Is Reportedly Already Worried About Her Romance With Kelce

Is there trouble in paradise between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce? Or are these 2 lovebirds shaking off the naysayers?

There have been signs that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship has become serious, and this has apparently led to the pop star being stressed.

Comfort in Dating

The “Down Bad” singer has enjoyed the comfort of dating Kelce. A source told Us Weekly on April 18, “He makes her feel safe and protected like she has the freedom to be and act however she wants.”

Embracing the Limelight

Unlike her previous relationship with Joe Alwyn, where the former couple did their best to stay out of the public eye, Swift and the Kansas City Chiefs star have embraced the limelight.

Public Display of Affection

An insider told Entertainment Tonight in March, “She likes that Travis is so proud of her and that he isn’t afraid to show his love for her publicly.”

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Falling Hard

That has contributed to the pop star falling hard for Kelce. The insider added, “Taylor views Travis as a true partner and someone she can have a real future with.”

All-In Romance

Reportedly, Swift is all-in on her romance with Kelce.

A source told Page 6 on April 24, “She wants a happy ending with Travis.”

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Insecurities Arise

However, those strong feelings have created insecurities.

The source continued, “She is worried about jinxing things. She hopes he doesn’t get freaked out about the fame.

That the constant-ness of it doesn’t get exhausting.”

Stressful Art

Part of that stress came after Swift released her first album since dating Kelce. The release of “The Tortured Poets Department,” which featured lyrics about Travis Kelce, was a contributing factor to Taylor Swift feeling worried about their relationship.

Supportive Partner

Even though Swift had her misgivings about the pressure fame could put on their relationship, Kelce was reportedly happy to be featured on “TTPD.”

A source told Entertainment Tonight on April 24, “Travis is so supportive of the entire album and loves that he is a part of Taylor’s story. He is a Swiftie through and through, and is very proud of her.”

Public Exposure

Dating Swift has not only led to the tight end being the subject of smash hit songs, but it has also led to him rubbing elbows with other A-listers.

Family Outings

Kelce’s mother told People that the couple went on a double date with Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid. The NFL player sent his mom a photo of the outing.

Handling the Spotlight

By all accounts, Kelce has handled the spotlight well and the couple made plans for their future.

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Strong Feelings

Taylor Swift has reportedly developed very strong feelings for Travis Kelce, and the Kansas City Chiefs player seemed to reciprocate them.

Planning Ahead

That strong bond has made the pair plan for the future. The insider added, “This is just the beginning for them as a couple and many milestones are coming their way.”

Wedding Bells?

The power couple’s relationship had gone so well that many fans wondered if they would be hearing wedding bells.

Discussing Marriage

One person close to the couple hinted that marriage was a real possibility, and that Swift and Kelce had discussed tying the knot.

Engagement Speculation

Despite the rumors, there had been no signs from Swift and Kelce that an engagement was looming, but their relationship has continued to develop.

Enjoying the Present

An insider told Us Weekly on April 3, “They’re having so much fun and enjoying things.” Perhaps Kelce would not be popping the question within the first year of their relationship, but the pair were “very serious” and “thinking of next steps,” according to the insider.

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