Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Unlock New Hater From The NFL

Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Unlock New Hater From The NFL

Jokes at others’ expense are to be expected at a roast, but fans think Tom Brady took some unwarranted shots at Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift when he took the stage.

Yes, “The Roast of Tom Brady” briefly turned into the roast of Swift and Kelce when the former New England Patriots quarterback threw some shade at the power couple.

Swift and Kelce Under Fire

During the 2023-24 NFL season, Swift and Kelce caught a lot of flack for their relationship and all the ways Taylor Swift changed the NFL simply by attending some games. Months later, Brady has taken some shots at the two. While they may have been in the spirit of a roast, fans aren’t happy.

The Roast Event

“The Roast of Tom Brady” was part of the “Netflix is a Joke” festival. Comedians and friends poked fun at the now-retired football player for over 2 hours. Although he took some hits, when Brady got the chance to roast, he didn’t hold back, taking aim at Kelce and Swift’s relationship in particular.

Brady’s Shots at Swift and Kelce

That was a clear jab to Swift’s fan base and the support they have shown the Chiefs since she linked up with Kelce.

He continued, saying in honor of Swift, he’d take a look at the Chiefs’ various “eras”: “Terrible for 50 years, good for five. Shake it off.”

Fan Reactions and Social Media Backlash

Neither Swift nor Kelce actually attended the roast, so Brady’s comments did seem a little out of the blue. And Swifties don’t care if the jokes were in the spirit of a roast; they’ve written Brady off as one of the couple’s NFL haters.

Based on the heat others have taken for making jokes at Taylor’s expense, you’d think people just trying to get a laugh would steer clear. Brady didn’t, though, and fans brought the knives out on social media once again.

Fan Responses

One wrote on X, formerly Twitter, that they hope Kelce and the Chiefs make Brady eat his words by dominating on the football field once again: “Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and Andy Reid better get that 3-peat so Tom Brady can eat his words and shut his damn mouth.

I’m tired of the d—heads in the world making Taylor Swift their universal punching bag.”

Another told other angry Taylor fans to bask in the roasting the comedians and colleagues on the dais gave Brady earlier in the show, writing, “We really need to stop obsessing over the least interesting joke of the night that they put into the script just to take advantage of publicity off Taylor’s name.

Tom Brady got drilled from every angle possible for legit being a s— boyfriend/husband/dad…That was epic.”

Brady’s Defense of Kelce

One sign that Brady’s jokes may not have been entirely on the square is that, a few months ago, the former QB was defending Kelce. During the 2024 Super Bowl, Kelce had an on-field blowup at coach Andy Reid.

The video of Kelce seemingly shoving Reid on the sideline went viral as people weighed in on whether his behavior was out of line. For Brady, it wasn’t. On his “Let’s Go!” podcast, Brady said it was a pretty normal reaction for a high-pressure moment like that.

Brady explained that players and coaches have to let a lot of what’s said on the field during a Super Bowl just roll off their backs because emotions are very high.

Maybe the same could be said of the jokes told on the stage at a roast, but that’s up to Taylor, Travis, and their army of fans.

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