Caitlin Clark Fires Back At Iowa Football Player After His Basketball Challenge

Caitlin Clark Fires Back At Iowa Football Player After His B

Caitlin Clark’s Rise to Basketball Stardom

Caitlin Clark has earned a lot of confidence on the basketball court – but there’s one proposed matchup that people are having some doubts about.

Impressive College Career

Clark became a phenomenon on the basketball court with her impressive college career. At the University of Iowa, she helped lead the women’s basketball team to the NCAA championship game — not once but twice. She also became the all-time leading scorer in an NCAA tournament, beating “Pistol Pete” Maravich.

Transition to Professional Level

Clark has since moved on to the professional level as the No.1 draft pick in the WNBA, getting scooped up promptly by the Indiana Fever.

Challenge from Cooper DeJean

But even with her record-setting resume, Cooper DeJean, who played for the Iowa Hawkeyes football team, thinks he could easily beat Clark if they were to face off on the court.

Debate Ignited

Unsurprisingly, DeJean’s answer sparked a debate on the internet. Even more unsurprisingly, it got Clark’s attention…and led her to actually text him about it.

DeJean’s Perspective

In an interview with the Up & Adams Show with Kay Adams, DeJean was asked about his comments on Clark. He began by calling his fellow University of Iowa alumna a special player, acknowledging how she’s done “so much for women’s basketball” and her school.

Clark’s Response

After sharing his admiration for Clark, DeJean spilled the tea about what she texted him after hearing about his claim that he could beat her. He said: “She took a shot back at me after, she texted me and said that she doesn’t think I can beat her.”

DeJean’s Confidence

DeJean then doubled down on his response, once again saying he could beat Clark 1v1. This made the host laugh, at first…but then some of his high school basketball highlights started to play on screen.

Revelation of DeJean’s Basketball Skills

Turns out, the football player – who has since been drafted into the NFL by the Philadelphia Eagles – was actually a basketball star in high school, having scored over 1,800 points in his career.

Speculations and Analysis

Now that his past skills on the court are on display, some people aren’t so sure Clark could take on DeJean. Despite her confidence, the internet seems to think the football player would wipe the floor with Caitlin Clark.

Analysis by David Hookstead

Outkick reporter David Hookstead did the math in a post on X, writing, “Caitlin Clark is 6’0″ and 155 pounds. Cooper DeJean is 6’1″, 207 pounds, has a nearly 40″ vertical and is a former star basketball player. I like Caitlin Clark. She’s great for women’s basketball. She’d also struggle to score a single point on DeJean.”

Kay Adams’s Perspective

Before seeing DeJean’s basketball highlights, Kay Adams wasn’t sure that the football star could beat Clark. While she seemed to change her mind a little by the end of the interview, some commentators were shocked she’d have that stance to begin with.

John Ziegler’s Commentary

Podcast host and commentator John Ziegler tweeted, “It is CRAZY that a legitimate sports commentator could possibly think that Caitlin Clark could win this game…And even crazier that she did fully change her mind when she finally saw his insane hoops highlights! I’m amazed they posted this clip!”

Online Opinions

While the majority of online opinions seemed to rally behind DeJean, some would back Clark no matter what.

Awaiting the Matchup

The only way we’ll know for sure is if the matchup really happens – and for now at least, no one really expects it to – especially Cooper DeJean.

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