The Shady Side Of Mikayla Nogueira Is Not A Secret Anymore

The Shady Side Of Mikayla Nogueira Is Not A Secret Anymore

Mikayla Nogueira gained fame for her accent-heavy makeup reviews on TikTok over the years. While she has amassed a large online following, not all of her recognition stems from her makeup skills alone.

Nogueira’s distinct Boston accent has been a topic of discussion, particularly her viral pronunciation of a popular influencer’s name.

Accused of Faking an Accent

Fans have speculated that her signature voice might be exaggerated or fake. In older TikTok videos, her accent and volume appeared less pronounced and seemed to become more intense over time.

Viewers also discovered pre-TikTok videos on her YouTube channel where her accent sounded more typical of an East Coaster.

Since rising to fame, Nogueira’s accent has varied noticeably depending on the context or subject matter. When discussing makeup or trying out products, her Massachusetts accent, characterized by the absence of “R” sounds, is prominent.

However, in more serious videos addressing criticism or answering interview questions, her accent is less pronounced. This inconsistency has left fans in the beauty community perplexed.

On Brittany Broski’s For You Podcast, Nogueira addressed her voice, explaining that she had studied Communication in college and developed a “customer service” voice for professional settings.

She then decided to use that same voice for her social media presence when she started posting on TikTok, citing nervousness about putting herself in front of a large audience for the first time.

Many people have defended Nogueira, stating that accents can fluctuate naturally.

Regardless of its authenticity, her voice has become a recognizable brand that has kept the internet buzzing for years.

Fans Were Outraged Over Lashgate

The scandal that altered Mikayla Nogueira’s reputation began with mascara. In January 2023, the makeup influencer posted a TikTok duet reviewing L’Oréal Telescopic Lift Mascara, demonstrating how it lengthened her lashes impressively.

However, she edited the footage each time she applied the mascara, leading viewers to question the authenticity of her results.

Some accused Nogueira of wearing false lashes and criticized her for misleading viewers about the product’s effectiveness. Notably, the post was sponsored by L’Oréal, a fact Nogueira disclosed in the description and briefly on screen.

However, the skepticism surrounding the mascara led to a surge in sales, with Telescopic Lift flying off the shelves. Numerous TikTokers reviewed the product, including controversial beauty guru Jeffree Star, who returned to his makeup reviewing roots to test it.

Like Star’s reviews, most did not yield the dramatic results Nogueira had claimed. Initially, Nogueira responded to comments suggesting she wore false lashes by acknowledging them but then went silent for a week.

When she finally returned with another video, she failed to address the scandal adequately and quickly shifted the topic. Despite the backlash from Lashgate, Nogueira surprisingly gained supporters in the aftermath.

Her Wedding Felt Promotional

Nogueira and her husband, Cody Hawken, tied the knot on July 1, 2023. Hawken often appeared in her videos, giving fans glimpses into their relationship.

Throughout the wedding planning process, Nogueira kept her followers updated on everything from choosing the perfect dress and hairstyle to selecting the ideal lipstick and lip pencil combo for the big day.

Notably, she announced her collaboration with the popular affordable makeup brand e.l.f. Cosmetics for the lip cosmetics she wore at her wedding.

The Marriage Material Lip Duo, designed in partnership with e.l.f., launched just before her wedding day and sold out quickly.

However, Nogueira faced criticism for integrating a brand collaboration into her special day, especially after photos from the wedding venue showed e.l.f. branding throughout, including a kissing booth and gift bags featuring the brand’s logo and containing her lip duo. While the gift bags also included products from other brands, this detail fueled speculation about sponsorship.

Upon returning to TikTok after her honeymoon, Nogueira denied any sponsorship claims, expressing her excitement about the collaboration and dismissing the criticism.

She explained that she had asked e.l.f. if she could feature their logo on the kissing booth, even though the booth itself wasn’t sponsored by the brand.

While some found her explanation odd, others believed she was simply a passionate fan of e.l.f.

Replacing Friends with Influencers

Rumors surrounding Nogueira’s wedding persisted long after the ceremony. On the morning of her wedding day, followers noticed an abundance of TikTok influencers posting “Get Ready With Me for Mikayla’s Wedding” videos.

While such posts aren’t unusual, fans observed that nearly every TikToker invited to the wedding had shared a pre-wedding video. This led some to speculate that Nogueira’s wedding was more of a networking event than a celebration of love.

Adding to the controversy, a lifelong friend of Nogueira claimed on social media that she had received a Save the Date but not an invitation to the wedding.

According to the friend, Nogueira ignored her request for a formal invitation and later heard that the influencer was uninviting close friends and replacing them with fellow content creators.

The friend shared screenshots of her attempts to reach out to Nogueira, including one where she expressed concern about inviting internet strangers to her wedding.

Nogueira neither confirmed nor denied the friend’s claims but refuted allegations that she had uninvited loved ones, stating that only 10% of her wedding guests were influencers.

She argued that the perception of many public figures attending her wedding was skewed because content creators were the only ones likely to share videos of the event.

Going Back on Her Criticism

Influencers often earn money through sponsorships, which can sometimes lead to conflicts of interest.

Some influencers may promote products they don’t genuinely like in exchange for payment. Nogueira has faced criticism for contradicting her unsponsored reviews with sponsored content.

In January 2023, she posted an unsponsored review of Essence foundation and concealer, offering mixed feedback.

Several months later, she featured the same products in a sponsored ad, speaking more positively about them. Similarly, in January 2022, she created a series titled “Full Face of Makeup I Hate,” which included a Charlotte Tilbury mascara she criticized.

However, months later, she endorsed the same mascara in a sponsored post by the brand. This inconsistency has led to skepticism among her followers regarding the authenticity of her reviews.

Using Problematic Language

Before gaining popularity on TikTok, Nogueira shared vlogs on YouTube, primarily focusing on her family’s chickens, her frustrations with her brother, and her thoughts on relationships.

However, one vlog from 2012 attracted controversy when viewers asked the then-14-year-old if she was transgender.

Nogueira vehemently denied this accusation, asserting her identity as a “full-on female” and attributing her deeper voice to early maturation.

She apologized to viewers if they were offended by the suggestion of her being transgender, using derogatory language about transgender individuals in the process.

Nogueira explained that she was attempting to speak in a more feminine voice to avoid being mistaken as transgender again, as she perceived being labeled as such as insulting.

Unfortunately, this was not the only instance of Nogueira making controversial comments. In 2023, a video chat featuring Nogueira and an unnamed friend, posted by drama reporter Rich Lux, resurfaced.

During the chat, after one of the participants disclosed that another YouTuber was Indian, Nogueira referred to him as black, drawing criticism when the footage circulated.

Being Rude to a Waiter

It seems actions from Noguiera’s youth aren’t the only ones getting her in trouble. In 2022, a Boston-based college student working as a waiter posted a TikTok recounting her experience waiting on Nogueira, her father, and her future husband. By the server’s account, it seems this encounter exemplified the phrase “don’t meet your heroes.”

The waiter recalled how she greeted their table enthusiastically and shared that the staff were big fans, only to be met with rude comments from Mr. Nogueira and a snarky thanks from the influencer.

The server later apologized if she made things awkward, but once again received an unfriendly response from her table. After the video went viral, Nogueira responded apologizing and saying that the waiter may have misinterpreted her social anxiety as rudeness.

Many viewers came forward about their struggles with anxiety and argued that it was no excuse for rude behavior. Not long after, Nogueira posted a makeup tutorial and briefly addressed the situation.

Breaking a Promise

At the start of 2024, small business owner Matthew Stevens posted a video accusing Mikayla Nogueira of going back on her promise to promote his product.

Stevens is the creator of the self-tanning product Illusion Bronze, and posted a video asking Nogueira to review his brand as she’s a well-known self-tanner.

She agreed, however, four days later, the influencer posted a review of a bigger self-tanning company that allegedly stole Stevens’ unique branding and product qualities. Nogueira was very apologetic for the poor timing and texted Stevens promising to make her Illusion Bronze review ASAP. Well, 2 months passed, and fans started asking her for the review.

She ultimately texted Stevens that she was going to review it the next day.

For his part, Stevens was aware that in prior years, Nogueira had stopped reviewing smaller brands, claiming that these companies would not be able to handle the sudden influx in orders after her posts.

So, to avoid this, Stevens purchased $10,000 worth of products in preparation for her promised review.

The day came and there was no review. While she appeared to be wearing a tanner in a video she did upload that day, Stevens reported that it looked more like a spray tan than Illusion Bronze. When he reached out to her, she promised a review again and did not deliver.

She responded to his January video and owned up to never making the review but refuted all other claims, including getting a spray tan. Stevens reacted to her video and was flooded with fan support.

A Tone-Deaf Comment

Work is work, and few people truly love to clock in. However, sometimes complaints about a job can be a little tone-deaf. In the comments of one of Nogueira’s since-deleted videos, a viewer criticized her and invited the influencer to see how she likes a more conventional form of employment.

The influencer posted a heated video reply to this comment and went down the list of her job’s daily requirements, including waking up at 6 a.m., filming for five hours, editing those videos, going to meetings, and managing multiple social media accounts.

She highlighted the fact that she often works well past 5 in the evening, and discouraged viewers from following her career path. Nogueira’s venting was not well received, and many fans responded by describing their own laborious schedules.

Comparing struggles is often unhelpful, but since her fans are basically her employers, complaining about having access to exclusive makeup and red carpet events to a working-class audience wasn’t a great look She did post an apology, which she kicked off with a joke referencing her previous rant that many found distasteful.

She expressed heartbreak over her video being misconstrued and claimed to regret posting it in the first place.

She said she was in a bad place when she made the video, but owned up to the fact that she’d made an unfair comparison.

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