Chynna Phillips Reveals She’s Terrified Of Triggering Husband Billy Baldwin

Chynna Phillips Reveals She's Terrified Of Triggering Billy Baldwin

“Walking on eggshells” in a marriage? Chynna Phillips just gave a deeply personal look into her marriage with William Baldwin (Billy Baldwin), and explained why she’s so afraid of triggering him.

Journey of Chynna Phillips and William Baldwin

Chynna Phillips and Billy Baldwin have been privately married for nearly 30 years and welcomed three children, but their relationship hasn’t always been picture-perfect.

Phillips recently explained on her YouTube Channel that a recent argument between her and Baldwin helped Phillips realize the reason she sometimes feels unable to open up to her husband.

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Communication Struggles

Phillips explained how important it is to her to have open, real communication, and it pains her that that doesn’t always happen.

She realized that she catches herself trying to adjust how she communicates with Baldwin when they’re arguing because she doesn’t want to upset him — even though she knows that keeping her emotions bottled up only makes the situation worse.

Ultimately, her fear over how Baldwin will react to her grievances prevents her from truly letting him in.

She went on to say that “walking on eggshells,” as she put it, is damaging their intimacy because she can’t be truly open with him.”

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Overcoming Challenges

Fortunately, Baldwin and Phillips overcame this latest hiccup, but it isn’t the first time the couple has struggled.

In March 2010, it looked like it was over for them. Phillips filed for divorce after Baldwin was away on the set of “Gossip Girl.”

However, 2 days after filing, Phillips withdrew the petition.

At the time, a source told Page 6, “Chynna has gone under a lot of personal and professional stress. The divorce petition came after a long and emotional buildup. But once it was filed, she realized she didn’t want to lose Billy and asked her lawyers to withdraw it.”

A couple of months after she filed and subsequently withdrew her motion to divorce Baldwin, Phillips opened up to Us Weekly about what led her to the rash decision.

She said, “It’s our 19th anniversary this year and we’ve been together a really long time. I started to feel a little flat-lined, like I need more and want more, and I know we deserve more from our marriage.”

The singer said she felt “hopeless” the day she filed for divorce, even though she knew it wasn’t all Baldwin’s fault that their relationship took a turn. Luckily, Phillips realized divorce wasn’t the best decision for the couple and their union has continued to thrive since.

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Renewed Commitment

Phillips and Baldwin may have had their share of ups and downs, but they’ve always found their way back to one another. That’s clear enough from Phillips’ social media posts and YouTube videos.

For example, in 2022, Phillips posted a throwback photo of the 2 with a sweet caption on Instagram.

She said, “After 30 years of being with my ugly bear, I’m as madly in love with him as ever! We’ve had a couple major fails, butttt..kinda normal?” And in February 2024, Baldwin spoke on Phillips’ YouTube channel about how he is still madly in love with her, despite their opposing views on faith.

Baldwin revealed that he does everything for her because it’s Phillips with whom he wants to grow old.

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