The Worst Dressed Celebs At The CMT Awards 2024

The Worst Dressed Celebs At The CMT Awards 2024

The CMT Awards 2024, one of country music’s biggest nights, showcased this year’s biggest fashion flops.

Sammy Hagar, perhaps a bit too eager to get the party started, donned a “But first, tequila” shirt and brought his own red solo cup, signaling readiness for the after-party festivities.

Miley Cyrus’s sister, Brandi Cyrus, suffered a wardrobe fail with a denim dress paired with black accents that failed to harmonize, resembling something one might find at Forever 21 rather than on a nationally-broadcast red carpet.

Reyna Roberts attempted a denim and cowboy hat combination that missed the mark with confusing denim pants resembling shorts morphing into bell bottoms, paired with an unconventional denim crop top with an attached collar, all topped off with a busy ensemble of black hat, jacket, and tights featuring cross patterns.

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Cody Belew‘s attempt at a fashion statement with a shimmering brown suit fell short, with a cropped jacket and a mismatched sheer black shirt with a shimmering corset waistband.

Ana Cristina Cash‘s dress, adorned with dark flower appliques, clashed with John Carter’s mismatched country ensemble of a beige cowboy hat, white shirt with a red scarf, brown jacket, and black jeans.

Keith Urban opted for a subdued look with black jeans and a button-up shirt, with the only notable feature being the ombre style of the shirt transitioning from black to a lighter shade.

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Amanda Kate Ferris stood out on the red carpet with a vibrant ’80s-inspired outfit featuring a bright embroidered green jacket, neon pink skirt, and neon yellow shirt, accessorized with a sparkled silver bag and matching shoes.

Leah Turner‘s ensemble combined a beige cowboy hat with a denim dress embellished with a distracting 3D rose-inspired aspect at the top, along with fringe adding to the confusion of the look.

Minnie Driver‘s all-black attire, although decent, seemed more appropriate for a somber occasion like a funeral rather than the glitz and glamour of the CMT Awards, despite the addition of a giant rose attached to her blazer.

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