The Untold Truth Of Caitlin Clark

The Untold Truth Of Caitlin Clark

Always a fierce competitor, University of Iowa star Caitlin Clark has quite literally changed the game of women’s basketball, and she’s just getting started. Here’s how she got this far. Caitlin Clark‘s love for basketball started young. She joined a local all-boys basketball team in Iowa at 5 years old because her parents couldn’t find local leagues for girls.

Her grandfather, Bob Nizzi, recognized Caitlin Clark‘s star power and told Hawk Fanatic about a time during a basketball game when a boy on the opposing team was being particularly rough with his granddaughter.

She became upset, and Nizzi recalled, “Her father sat her down and then he said when you’re ready I’ll put you back in, and she stopped crying.”

Caitlin Clark wasn’t going to let this boy get the best of her, so she gathered herself together before getting revenge.

Nizzi continued, “She went right to this guy and put on the best downfield block that I have ever seen and rolled this kid out of bounds and stood over him.” Caitlin Clark‘s competitiveness was evident from an early age, and even her grandparents noticed it.

Nizzi said, “He was bigger, and he was much more familiar with the game of basketball as boys play it than Caitlin Clark was at age five. It didn’t make any difference to her.”

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Close relationship with brothers

Caitlin Clark didn’t become a superstar on her own; she has the support of her boyfriend Connor McCaffery and her family, specifically her brothers. Caitlin Clark has 2 siblings — older brother Blake and younger brother Colin. Their sibling relationship is just like many out there, with lots of teasing and love. Caitlin Clark gave insight into her relationship with her brothers to ESPN: “They’re 2 of my biggest supporters and probably 2 of my biggest haters, too. They humble me all the time.”

Although they might have given her a hard time occasionally, Caitlin Clark has credited her brothers for helping shape her athletic career, specifically Blake. Caitlin Clark told ESPN of Blake, “Whenever I wanted to play with him and his friends […] I never won anything, and my mom always said if you want to play with them, you’ve got to find a way to hold your own.”

Blake and his friends pushed her to become a better player, and we all know how well that worked out for her. Caitlin Clark‘s brothers may poke fun at her, but they also praise her athletic abilities. Blake told The Gazette, “There’s not a shot she doesn’t think she can take or make. And she just kind of plays with a swagger, she doesn’t care if she’s missing shots, she trusts that the next one’s going to go in.”

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Special tie to Iowa

Caitlin Clark was on the radar of recruiters for years as colleges hoped to land her on their team. She ended up picking the University of Iowa, and the decision had a lot to do with familiarity, given that she grew up in West Des Moines.

She told the Des Moines Register, “Out of high school, I could have gone really wherever I wanted to. I love the University of Iowa, I love the people, I love my team.

Just being so close to home, I can see my family all the time. Honestly, there isn’t any place better for me, and I truly believe that.”

Caitlin Clark was also intrigued by the school because there weren’t a lot of accolades for the university’s basketball team, and she wanted to create some milestones for the Hawkeyes’ program.

Caitlin Clark said, “I didn’t want to do something that everyone else was doing. That’s kind of part of my story, that’s one of the reasons I came to Iowa. It just kind of aligns with who I am.” Clark got the chance to make a great story as she led the team to their first-ever championship game in 2023, but that wouldn’t be the end of her accomplishments.

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College basketball history

Caitlin Clark was always bound to make history, and she did just that in March 2024. Celebrities came out in droves for Caitlin Clark‘s senior day game, and it’s good they did.

Caitlin Clark scored 35 points, in the process becoming the all-time leading scorer in NCAA basketball history, breaking Pistol Pete Maravich‘s record.

Caitlin Clark later revealed to “Good Morning America” that she didn’t realize that she broke the record at first.

Congratulations for Caitlin Clark came from some big names, including legendary quarterback Tom Brady, who recorded a special video message for her. Trailblazing tennis star Billie Jean King also praised Caitlin Clark‘s athleticism, telling ESPN, “My favorite athletes are those who are champions in sports and champions in life, and Caitlin Clark is one of those athletes.”

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Bright future

Caitlin Clark is gearing up to graduate from the University of Iowa, and many are already looking to her future in the WNBA, including Caitlin Clark herself. Caitlin Clark revealed on Instagram in February 2024 that she would opt out of playing for Iowa State University for a fifth year. She wrote, “While this season is far from over and we have a lot more goals to achieve, it will be my last one at Iowa. I am excited to be entering the 2024 WNBA Draft.”

Caitlin Clark elaborated on her decision to enter the WNBA instead of playing another year of college ball on “Good Morning America.”

The star is expected to be the No.1 pick in the draft, but offers are also coming in from places other than the WNBA.

Rapper and actor Ice Cube offered Caitlin Clark a chance to join Big3 League, a three-on-three basketball league he founded.  He wrote on X, formerly Twitter, “BIG3 made a historic offer to Caitlin Clark. Why wouldn’t we? Caitlin Clark is a generational athlete who can achieve tremendous success in the BIG3.” Only time will tell where Caitlin Clark decides to go with her career, but wherever it is, she’s sure to make more history.

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