Why Donald Trump Always Wins At Golf?

The Secret Reason Why Donald Trump Always Wins At Golf

He tells extremely tall tales and embellishes for entertainment. But he really trumps it up on the links. Here’s why Donald Trump always wins at golf…or does he?

“They all say the same thing, ‘I wanted my own story about Trump cheating.'” Claims of Donald Trump misbehaving on golf courses have surfaced from multiple sources over the years. In 2019, sports writer Rick Reilly wrote a book about the former president taking liberty with the rules while golfing titled “Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump.”

Reilly relayed quotes from golf analyst Brad Faxon, who recalled playing a round with Trump, Tiger Woods, and Dustin Johnson where the former commander-in-chief blatantly cheated. Faxon told a story about Trump hitting his ball in the water during the round.

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He remembered Trump saying, “Hey, throw me another ball; they weren’t looking.”

Later, the book’s author revealed Trump’s cheating strategies were even more outrageous than previously reported.

During an interview with MSNBC on March 26, 2024, Reilly said Trump would go to extreme measures to win rounds of golf.

Reilly played 18 holes with the former POTUS, and it went as he had expected. “He took seven mulligans.

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He took a gimme chip-in. I never even heard of a gimme chip-in.” But these claims were refuted by Steven Cheung, a spokesperson for Trump, who issued a strongly worded statement, telling People on March 27, 2024, “Rick fantasizes about having a golf game as good as President Trump.”

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But previous instances backed up Reilly’s claims. The sports writer also alleged that Trump had a tricky workaround for becoming a champion – he plays the first round at any new course and declares himself the champ.

Trump has made multiple boasts about his achievements on his golf courses. He announced himself as the winner of the Senior Club Championship at Trump International Golf Club in January 2023, posting to Truth Social, “You need strength and stamina to WIN, & I have strength & stamina – most others don’t. You also need strength & stamina to GOVERN!”

A year after announcing his dominance at Trump International Golf Club, Trump once again spoke about his great play on the links on March 24, 2024. According to a post on Truth Social, the former president said he had taken home the course’s championship and senior club trophies, writing, “I won both!”

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President Biden noticed the post and took to X, formerly Twitter, to offer a wry response, writing, “Congratulations, Donald. Quite the accomplishment.”

But discussions about Trump doing whatever it takes for the upper hand on the golf course have been long-running — and even involved an LPGA player.

Norwegian LPGA golfer Suzann Pettersen unintentionally gained national media attention in January 2018 when she was quoted in an interview with a Norwegian newspaper, claiming that Donald Trump cheated at golf.

She reportedly said, “He cheats like hell. I don’t quite know how he is in business. They say that if you cheat at golf, you cheat at business.”

The golf pro also added that Trump’s caddie somehow ensured that his drives wound up, quote, “in the middle of the fairway.”

The story was aggregated by several outlets and became front-page news at the time.

Perhaps not wanting to upset the then-president, Pettersen then issued a statement on Facebook saying she was misquoted by the Norwegian paper. She explained, “Not true at all, and this has been taken WAY out of context. With a big smile on my face, what I said was that he most likely paid his caddy well because every time he found his ball, it was in the fairway.”

After the LPGA golfer denounced the interview, Robert Simso, the reporter who worked on the piece for the Norwegian news outlet, issued a statement of his own. Noting that the interview with Pettersen had been recorded, he told Golf.com in an email, “We, of course, stand by all the quotes in the story.”

Of course, that was only one of many Trump-related golf cheating scandals the public has learned of. We can only assume that there are many, many more.

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