Head-Turning Red Flags In Matthew Stafford’s Marriage

Head-Turning Red Flags In Matthew Stafford's Marriage

Kelly’s sly romantic play

For nearly 2 decades, Matthew Stafford and Kelly Stafford have made a powerful combo in the face of hardships on and off the football field. Even so, the 2 have dropped more than a few hints that the foundation of their marriage may be cracking.

Everyone knows the age-old trick of dating your ex’s friend or teammate out of revenge.

And while this might sound like the kind of thing that only happens on TV, Kelly Stafford admitted she lived the experience back in college when she briefly dated one of Matthew’s peers while on a break with her future husband.

In an interview with KFC Radio, the registered nurse revealed she and her beau were on separate pages while dating at the University of Georgia.

In the interview, she explained that their relationship wasn’t particularly a committed one at the time, as Matthew didn’t want a serious romance.

These complications spurred Kelly to get creative in order to lock down her on-again-off-again boyfriend, and she ultimately decided to bring someone else into the fold.

The revenge ploy paid off, however, as it landed her back in Matthew’s good graces. What’s more, it seems that the Staffords might not have been the only ones affected by this entanglement long term, as Kelly joked in the interview that the backup quarterback may not have gotten any playing time after their romantic involvement.

The pair’s relationship came to a head after the former UGA quarterback decided to leave college early to participate in the NFL draft, after which the mother-of-four says things between the two became more serious. Nowadays, she looks back on their college days with a smile.

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Pretzel Gate

Kelly Stafford’s temper got the best of her while watching her husband play for the Rams, and she resolved it with a single pretzel.

The mother of four was watching the Rams take on the 49ers in 2021 when a rowdy fan began to troll the section she was in.

According to TMZ, Stafford threw a pretzel at the man after he continued to talk trash directly behind her.

Levi’s Stadium security proceeded to escort Stafford and her entourage away from the area to watch the rest of the game in a different section.

After a Rams fan took to social media to express her distaste over the debacle, the podcast host responded with an apology, writing, “I’m an idiot. He was saying a bunch of things that were aggressive towards our crew but zero excuse.”

She ultimately owned up to her behavior and admitted she attempted to apologize to the fan for doing something she knew was wrong, writing, “Will always stand up for my guy and everyone I love, but obviously needed to do it completely different!. I’m embarrassed too! Sorry you had to witness me in my weak moment!” In the end, no police were called over the incident.

However, Stafford might think twice about her selection of snacks while watching the game. After all, who would want a basket of cheese fries thrown at them?

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Airing out Matt’s dirty laundry

Kelly Stafford made some jaw-dropping comments about her husband’s struggle to connect with his teammates on the Rams. After playing 12 seasons for Detroit, it wasn’t an easy adjustment for Matthew to put on a Rams uniform in 2021. On an episode of The Morning After with Kelly Stafford, she spoke about Matthew’s difficulties connecting with the rookies on his team.

She went on to explain that Matthew had requested that a crew member print a book featuring his teammate’s pictures and names so he could get to know them easier.

After stirring some upset with these revelations, the mother of four addressed her choice of words in an interview with Detroit news station Local 4, admitting she wasn’t happy with the statements and the effect they had on her husband. “That was the worst thing I’ve probably done when it comes to with him.”

She clarified that she thought listeners would relate to the challenges that come from the decade-wide age gap Matthew shares with many of his teammates, but conceded that she has no experience in the environment the team spends most of its time in.

Despite the backlash her words incited, Matthew seems to have moved on from the incident.

As he told ESPN, “I think those guys understand where I’m coming from. They see me come in this building every single day and know how I go to work, know how I interact with everybody and we didn’t really think too much about it to be honest with you.”

Matthew felt disconnected from Kelly

Matthew and Kelly Stafford’s marriage experienced many ups and downs during their nearly 2 decades together, but the 2 have always managed to come out the other side stronger — or so they thought.

In an interview with USA Today, Kelly admitted she received a wake-up call from her husband when he called her about midway through his 2022 season with the LA Rams. When Kelly asked if he was alright, he responded in the negative.

The 2 had already gone through their fair share of challenges, including 12 seasons without a Lions playoff game win, struggles with infertility, and Kelly’s noncancerous brain tumor — which was surgically removed in 2019. Still, Matthew had felt out of touch with the partner — even after working through all those obstacles alongside her.

As Kelly recalled to USA Today, he told her, “I feel like the last person on your list right now. I’m the last person that you come to. I’m the last person that you respond to.”

In response to these complaints, the mother of four proceeded to buy a personal phone after realizing the excessive texts and requests from those outside her inner circle were interfering with her communication with her husband.

She described this lifestyle change as having a resoundingly positive effect on her life, saying, “It’s been a game changer for me. Because now when I look down at my phone, I have three texts, from Matthew and my mom, from people I love and people I want to respond to, need to respond to.”

Only time will tell if big changes like this will be the key to maintaining a lasting marriage.

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