Celebs Who Don’t Want Anything To Do With Travis Kelce

Celebs Who Don't Want Anything To Do With Travis Kelce
Travis Kelce

Joy Behar

It’s clear that Taylor Swift loves her guy on the Chiefs, but not everyone feels the same way. These folks are not lovers of Travis Kelce.

Everyone has some stuff they said when they were younger that they wish they could take back, and internet sleuths found a few Travis Kelce tweets from when he was in his early 20s that read as pretty misogynistic.

The Daily Beast quoted one now-deleted tweet that said,

“As a man, You have something wrong with you if you’re going for girls that weigh more then you!!”

In another, Kelce wrote,

“I feel like if u wanna be a cheerleader you have to pass a beauty test…. there’s too many ugly cheerleaders out here smh.”

In light of those tweets,

She added, “I’m a Swiftie.” “I do know you’re a Swiftie!” “I love her because she’s getting young people out to vote.” “Right, but she doesn’t have a problem with him.”

Behar’s co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin pointed out that those around Kelce’s age documented everything on social media during that time and that she hopes he’s changed since then.

Jack Jones

The Kansas City Chiefs did not have a Merry Christmas in 2023. They lost to the Las Vegas Raiders 20-14. On his “New Heights” podcast following the game, Kelce tried to make light of the loss.

Travis added that the loss was embarrassing, possibly because Taylor Swift was watching from the VIP suite with her family. Raiders cornerback Jack Jones wasn’t too happy about Kelce’s comment.

Jones’ comments led to some debate on X, formerly Twitter. Some fans said Kelce’s comments were indicative of the Chiefs not being able to take a loss gracefully.

Aaron Rodgers

New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers appeared on an October 2023 episode of “The Pat McAfee Show” to talk about the Jets’ game against the Chiefs, which Rodgers’ team lost by 3. Rodgers said keeping close with the Chiefs was sort of a “moral victory.”

The “Pat” Rodgers mentioned was Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, and “Mr. Pfizer” was a jab at Kelce, who has appeared in commercials for the drug maker promoting COVID-19 boosters. For his part, Kelce seemed to take Rogers’ dig in stride.

Kelce also mentioned that the Jets are owned by two brothers whose great-grandfather co-founded pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson. Rodgers replied on another “Pat McAfee Show” episode, “This ain’t a war homie. This is just conversation.”

Bethenny Frankel

Former “Real Housewives of New York City” star Bethenny Frankel thinks Travis Kelce is a bit too much of a peacock.

In an Instagram video, she told viewers that she saw the tight end on television after the 2024 Super Bowl singing a song on stage at the parade.

She said it’s clear Kelce is charismatic and wants to be “the life of the party,” but that can be draining.

Frankel said she once dated a guy with a similar personality.

Frankel said that Taylor Swift is also a peacock, and usually a relationship can only sustain one person who seeks to be the center of attention.

Travis’ dad, Ed Kelce called Frankel a troll, to which she replied on her podcast,

“Just B with Bethenny Frankel.”

She gave Ed props for sticking up for his son, but she wished he wouldn’t have been so quick to insult her, saying, “sorry not sorry.”

Quinn Meinerz

Denver Broncos guard Quinn Meinerz’s beef isn’t just with Kelce. It’s with the entire Kansas City Chiefs team.

In a January 2023 game against the Raiders, the Chiefs huddled up and spun around in a circle right before a play. After doing a 360, the players got into their places in perfect sync.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes later shared that the particular play was called “Snow Globe” and that the team had practiced it. Coach Andy Reid approved the play, but Meinerz did not like it.

On “New Heights,” Kelce acknowledged Menierz’s comment, and admitted the play was designed to make opponents mad. 

Von Miller

Von Miller and Travis Kelce’s beef goes back to 2014. Larry Brown Sports notes that during a game between the Chiefs and the Broncos, Miller was called out by the ref for a penalty. Kelce made a gesture that was seemingly toward the referee, but he later tweeted, then deleted,

He then tweeted,

“Sorry for that last tweet… I felt as if I had to clarify my doing, forgot I couldn’t express myself on here.”

A year later, after the Broncos beat the Chiefs, Miller tweeted to Kelce, “fake Gronk,” seemingly referring to comparisons between Kelce and then-New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski.

Kelce told NESN that he was puzzled by it.The Voncast” years later, in 2022.

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