Caitlin Clark’s On-Court Diss Came Back To Bite Her

Caitlin Clark's On-Court Diss Came Back To Bite Her

Caitlin Clark vs. Raven Johnson: The Clash

Is there anything more embarrassing than being beaten by someone you once openly dissed? Just ask Caitlin Clark.

Caitlin Clark: A College Basketball Star

Caitlin Clark is undoubtedly one of the best college basketball stars of all time, having broken numerous records while playing for the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Clark’s Gesture and Johnson’s Response

Her superstar playing skills have given her a huge fan base and hefty paychecks, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible for her to get a little too cocky. This was certainly the case during a 2023 Final 4 game between the Hawkeyes and the South Carolina Gamecocks.

Impact on Johnson

While playing defense, Clark watched Raven Johnson attempt to shoot the ball from the three-point line and made a pretty insulting gesture.

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Johnson’s Reflections

The moment went viral and it cut Johnson deeply.

She admitted to The Washington Post: “Caitlin’s competitive, so I don’t blame her for what she did, but it did hurt me. It definitely hurt me bad to the point that I wanted to quit basketball.”

However, Johnson used the diss to further her game.

She shared: “I just feel like it helped me. It made me mentally strong. I feel like if I can handle that, I can handle anything in life.”

Johnson’s Redemption

Over the course of the year, the point guard helped the Gamecocks make it to the finals undefeated, where they were set to go against the Hawkeyes in the NCAA championship game.

Victory for Johnson

This time, Johnson was the one to come out a winner.

Although she wasn’t a high scorer, Johnson’s strategic defenses prevented Caitlin Clark from being able to score as efficiently from the second quarter on, allowing the Gamecocks to win.

Following the big victory, Johnson yelled: “All I have to say is the revenge tour is over! I was ready for the moment. I studied her moves, and I was ready. I had confidence this year. I was telling myself, last year was not going to happen again.”

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Acknowledgment from Clark

Ahead of the championship game, Caitlin Clark complimented Johnson on her growth during a press conference.

After saying that she had a “tremendous year” and that her shooting percentage has vastly improved since the 2023 season, she said: “She got in the gym, and she got better, and I admire that. And, you know, I think that’s what makes great players great. And that’s exactly what she did.”

Mutual Respect

While losing must have been difficult, Clark praised Raven Johnson and the South Carolina Gamecocks after the game.

According to The Big Spur, Caitlin Cllark said: “I thought she defended well. I thought they all defended well. They pressured the ball well. You get to this point in the tournament, everybody’s defense is good. I thought her defense was good.”

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Johnson’s Determination

As for Johnson, she admitted that she felt trepidation going against Caitlin Clark. During a press interview after the game, she said that she didn’t want to see the Hawkeyes make it all the way to the championship — mostly because of Caitlin’s viral dismissive gesture in 2023.

After saying that winning the championship this year was an “apology” to her teammates, coaches, and herself, she said: “Like I said, revenge, it was a revenge tour. There’s no better way than to play them in a championship and beat them.”

Reflections and Gloat

After such an astonishing performance, we think Johnson is allowed to gloat a bit.

Clark’s Future

The NCAA championship was Caitlin Clark’s last game for the Iowa Hawkeyes before she progresses to the WNBA. She’s slated to be the number one pick overall, and will most likely end up playing for the Indiana Fever since they have first dibs this year. Only time will tell if she’ll be able to carve out as much of a legacy in the WNBA as she did in college.

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