Caitlin Clark’s Contract Offer From Adidas Is Plain Disrespectful

Caitlin Clark's Contract Offer From Adidas Is Plain Disrespectful

Caitlin Clark’s Lucrative Deals: Nike vs. Adidas

Caitlin Clark is raking in millions through a deal with Nike, but a different offer from Adidas sparked a public backlash. How much did the company offer?

Nike’s Multimillion-Dollar Deal

Any brand Caitlin Clark touches is sure to turn to gold, but they have to pay up first. As reported by the Wall Street Journal, Clark is going to sign with Nike for an 8 year deal of $28 million, which includes her own signature shoe. This is a stark contrast to Adidas, who offered Clark a four-year deal for $6 million and a signature shoe.

Public Response and Comparison with Other Offers

Naturally, Clark went with the vastly higher offer. According to Bleacher Report, Under Armour offered the WNBA player $16 million for four years and she didn’t even consider Puma when they started their bid at $3 million for each year. Fans expressed their disbelief at Adidas’ paltry offer.

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Clark’s Rise to Stardom

Now that Clark is done playing for the University of Iowa and is heading into the big leagues of the WNBA, she has become an even hotter commodity than she was before. Since joining the Hawkeyes in 2020, Clark has broken dozens of records, including having the most points scored in NCAA Division 1 and the University of Iowa’s women’s basketball team.

WNBA Draft and Future Prospects

It doesn’t come as a shock that Clark was the number-one pick for the Indiana Fever during the WNBA draft. The 6-foot tall guard was all smiles as she held up her new jersey.

Evaluating Clark’s Endorsements

While joining the WNBA was Clark’s lifelong goal, she clearly wasn’t doing it for the salary. As reported by Spotrac, the basketball star’s 4-year contract will earn her a measly $338,056 — but that’s not where she’ll make the big bucks.

Criticism of Nike’s Offer

Clark is going to add to her hefty paycheck when she signs her deal with Nike, but the president of Barstool Sports, Dave Portnoy, thinks Nike’s offer was too low.

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Additional Opportunities and Offers

Clark’s endorsements aren’t the only way she can make bank. Ice Cube has offered her a spot in his BIG3 basketball league for $5 million, while still allowing her to play in the WNBA.

Bright Future Ahead

Whatever she chooses, the future looks bright for Clark.

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